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Hotel Chatbots: Create Great Customer Experiences

Googles and Microsofts AI Chatbots Refuse to Say Who Won the 2020 US Election Microsoft was one of the first companies to provide a dedicated chat experience (well before Google’s Gemini and Search Generative Experiment). Copilt works best with the Microsoft Edge browser or Windows operating system. It uses OpenAI technologies combined with proprietary systems […]

The New ChatGPT Offers a Lesson in AI Hype The New York Times

OpenAI Unveils New ChatGPT That Listens, Looks and Talks The New York Times The machine learning algorithms underpinning AI chatbots allow it to self-learn and develop an increasingly intelligent knowledge base of questions and responses that are based on user interactions. By handling these queries efficiently, a hotel chatbot enhances guest satisfaction, reduces the workload […]